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August, 2023

Best home radio frequency device for skin tightening

This facial device follows suit to provide a non-invasive treatment with clinical results. Using electro-muscle stimulation sequences with radio frequency, the low-level current gives a sculpting, tightening and firming effect to smooth out the appearance of fine lines and leave a glowy finish in its wake. All this, and zero downtime. Three settings make it suitable for all areas of the face and it has a compact size so you never need to miss a session even when you’re on the go.

June, 2023

PBL Magazine | Best At Home Skincare Tools And Devices To Refresh Your Skin In 2023

Based on Dr. Levy’s clinically-proven injectable techniques & ground-breaking anatomy research, the Contour Pro was designed to provide professional-level, non-invasive recontouring with no downtime and no side effect. After one use already, this revolutionary sculpting device visibly elevates the face’s silhouette and tightens skin – offering a full facial workout from the muscles up to the skin surface.

June, 2023

GRAZIA | 7 Top Skincare Resolutions, According Skin Experts

Dr. LEVY Switzerland The Contour Pro. If you want to try out tools in 2023, they don't get better than this.  Boasting three radiofrequency settings, you can truly bespoke your routine. Expect chiselled cheekbones and lifted, more wide-awake eyes.

June, 2022

DAILY MAIL: The best skincare sets worth investing in

A match made in skincare heaven: the high-tech set works to restore and nourish your skin using the power of light therapy and cell repair. In addition to repairing the skin's cells, the clinically proven serums target a range of skin concerns including acne, pigmentation and psoriasis.


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