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January, 2024

The best microcurrent facial toning devices for a needle-free face lift

Promising to help you fake a face lift and instantly firm, these devices are derm-approved and lend themselves to dramatic before-and-after photos, but do the sharp cheekbones and Angelina Jolie jawlines stand the test of time, or are these gadgets just a passing trend? The experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute set out to trial the best microcurrent and nanocurrent facial toning devices on the market – these are their top-rated picks at a glance, but read on to find out how they create those instant results, and what industry insiders think. #1 Winner "Best facial toning device": THE CONTOUR PRO

December, 2023

Elle UK | 14 Anti-Pollution Skincare Products You Should Be Using Now featuring Dr. LEVY's Pollution Shield

Pollutants generate free radicals on the surface of the skin which can lead to sensitivity', she explains. 'When the level of free radicals exceeds our skin’s defence mechanisms, the skin cells are placed in a state of oxidative stress.' This state triggers skin sensitivity, which can lead to a whole host of issues – think pigmentation, premature ageing and a dull, sallow complexion. Dr Levy's Pollution Shield offers a comprehensive defence against the main sources of pollution.

November, 2023

Aesthetics Journal | Dr Levy Switzerland unveils new pigment drops

Skincare brand Dr Levy Switzerland has introduced the new Pigment Control Drops to its portfolio. The product helps to address pigmentation disorders for all skin types, ethnicities and genders. The drops contain antioxidant OX8 complex, a blend of eight alpine plant extracts from organic and fairtrade harvested plants from the Swiss Alps.

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