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Take advantage of our special offer: buy the ThermoGlow Pro now and receive the ThermoGlow Pro Skin Protocol, valued at over 185 CHF, as a complimentary gift. This convenient travel set includes the 3Deep 20ml, Booster Serum 7ml, Booster Cream 5ml, Eye Booster Concentrate 3ml, and Pollution Shield 5ml, giving you the opportunity to explore a complete skincare routine with the ThermoGlow Pro device.

Discover the future of home tech with the ThermoGlow Pro, a groundbreaking MedTech device combining Contrast Therapy and Ionic Microcurrents for advanced skin transformation.

Offering you a full spa experience in the palm of your hand, this elegant and innovative home device brings clinically-inspired Biohacking to your everyday skincare routine. The ThermoGlow Pro features three functions that alternate hot and cold temperatures to drive nutrient-rich blood circulation while simultaneously reducing the build-up of fluid and inflammation. 

The ThermoGlow Pro’s follows a simple 3-step system adapted to all rituals and skin types:
First, the “Cooling” function, with temperatures as low as 18°C, “cryo” -sets the skin, soothing it and gently depuffing the face's most delicate contours.
It is followed by the “Purifying” function, with temperature jumping to 43°C; combined with Anaphoresis ion-therapy, the pores gently open, toxins can be extracted, and fresh oxygen flows through the skin.
Finally, the third “Infusing” function, lasting 3 minutes at 37°C, soothes the skin, regulates blood flow and drives nutrients and active ingredients deeper into the skin via Iontophoresis. 

Within less than 10 minutes, the skin recovers a healthy, vibrant glow; it feels vitalised from within, with signs of fatigue fading away.


Phase 1: Cooling at 18 °C: 
•    Promotes vasoconstriction and stimulates blood circulation.
•    Encourages lymphatic drainage, relieving inflammation.
•    Strengthens skin firmness for a toned appearance.

Phase 2: Anaphoresis and 43 °C thermotherapy: 
•    Deeply eliminates toxins and impurities, ensuring thorough cleansing and detoxification of the skin.
•    Improves blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin from within.

Phase 3: Iontophoresis and 37 °C thermotherapy: 
•    Delivers skincare actives deep into the skin for unparalleled absorption and effectiveness. 
•    The skin is soothed by returning gradually to its normal temperature.

During the treatment, additional microthermal shocks help revitalise and firm the skin.


1.    Gently remove makeup with a makeup remover or miscellar water.
2.    Apply the ThermoGlow Pro over the face in "Cooling" mode (blue light), always moving from the inside out, for a maximum duration of 90 seconds (automatic shut-off)
3.    Use the 3Deep Cleanser on your face with ultra-cold water, massaging vigorously in circular movements. 
4.    Keep the 3Deep cleanser applied over the face, and ensure that it remains moist to improve micro-current conductivity for the ion therapy. Turn on the device again, clicking to the “Purifying” mode (red light).  Begin from the top of the forehead (at the hairline) and gradually move down to the bottom of the face, gliding from the inside out in small circular movements. Move continuously and avoid sensitive areas like the eye contour, the lips or the thyroid area. The device automatically shuts off after 3 minutes. 
5.    Rinse your face with ultra-cold water and remove any product residue from the ThermoGlow Pro's electrode.
6.    After drying the skin, apply a pearl of Booster Serum over the face, and then turn the ThermoGlow Pro to the final “Infusing” function (purple/pink light). Gently move in circular movements over the face to help the serum’s active ingredients penetrate deeper thanks to iontophoresis. Stop using it when the device doesn’t glow anymore. 
7.    Repeat the process with the Booster Cream. You have completed the machine's use.
8.    Finish your ritual by applying the Pollution Skincare Shield Finisher and your favourite sunscreen. 

For additional information on using the ThermoGlow Pro, please refer to the user manual.

Free from over 1000 harmful substances, suspected or proven, such as heavy metals, PFAS, PFOS, PAHs, or phthalates. Certified cruelty-free. Suitable for all genders and all skin types. To be used with the 3Deep Cleanser (negatively charged) for anaphoresis.

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