The brand combines two separate lines:

The Intense Stem cell line

These supercharged everyday treatments include a high concentration of our patented ArganCellActiv® stem cell formula. Designed as a transformative skincare regimen, each product perfectly combines high-tech ingredients and a high-end delightful experience —with impressive, independently proven results.

The skin reset treatments

Used alone or with your favorite everyday Intense Stem Cell products, our Instant Boost° complementary products visibly, and immediately, enhance the experience and results from your everyday routine. Developed to simultaneously target different areas of concern, they will become your indispensable anti-ageing 'here-and-now' saviors.


Cleanse & Prime

Research has shown that our skin is under constant external attacks, primarily from UV-rays, pollution and toxins, all of which can significantly accelerate skin ageing. All of which can be worsened by the accumulation of oil and sebum.

Our PREP "Cleanse & Prime" step aims at (1) eliminating debris, (2) managing the skin’s pH levels and (3) enabling our powerful ingredients to penetrate deeper without drying the skin. For an immediately more radiant and healthier-looking skin.

Appropriate products:

3Deep™ Cleanser >>> FastMask™

3 application options

  • Gentle cleansing
  • Intensive micro-dermabrasion
  • Skin renewing FastMaskTM
Radical3 Reboot Pro Peel

3 application options

  • Soft micro-dermabrasion
  • Intensive peeling
  • SkinDeepTM Peeling Mask

Step 1

Deep Activation

After appropriate cleansing and "preparation", the skin becomes much more responsive to a powerful dose of anti-ageing stimulation and nourishing. Our "Deeper Activation" products are highly concentrated in the patented ArganCellActiv® stem cell technology*.

The skin looks and feels repaired, visible signs of ageing significantly decrease**.

Appropriate product(s):

The Booster Serum

Apply one pearl for the full face, a second one to cover the neck and the top of the décolletage. Twice a day.

The Eye Booster Concentrate

Apply a small pearl (the size of half a grain of rice) around both eyes. Twice a day. Ophthalmologically tested.

Step 2

The "Sticky Minute"

Wait approximately one minute for the ultra-concentrated the Booster Serum and Eye Booster Concentrate to fully penetrate into the skin. As soon as the skin feels silky soft, you can move on to STEP 3 "Intensify & Replenish" or STEP 4 "Amplify & Correct".

Step 3

Intensify & Replenish

After the Sticky Minute, our STEP 4 treatments aim at intensifying the stem cell stimulation*, while providing a lasting hydration. All the treatments include a high concentration of our patented ArganCellActiv® formula with our exclusive stem cell activators*, powerful anti-oxidants and vitamins, and are adapted to the specific areas or skin types they target.

Appropriate product(s):

The Booster Cream

Apply one pearl for the full face. Ideal for normal, mixed or oily skin types, and in the morning before applying makeup. Best results when applied after the Booster Serum.

The Enriched Booster Cream

Apply one pearl for the full face. Ideal for drier skin types. Can be used morning and night – or at night only if you are looking for more intense hydration. Well adapted to colder and drier climates and seasons. Best results when applied after the Booster Serum.

The Décolletage Regenerating Silk

With the StressCellRepair‎™ exclusive formula, to help repair DNA damage from UV rays and other external attacks on this particularly fragile area. Can be used both morning and night. Ideal after the Booster Serum.

Step 4

Prime & Correct

In parallel, or after your main stem cell treatments, these treatments provide immediate relief to your skin, with deep nourishing and protective properties. Your skincare ritual is amplified, skin looks plumper, tighter and its tone is visibly more unified.

Appropriate product(s):

The R3 Cell Matrix Mask

Can be used on four treatment target areas: on the full face, around the eyes, on the décolletage or on the back of the hands. It is both dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, and is highly concentrated multi-vitamins, retinol and hyaluronic acid complex. The skin looks instantly revitalized and years fresher.

*   in vitro
** Independent clinical studies, Switzerland (2011-2013)

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