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This potent concentrate is your everyday saviour against the appearance of all types of dark spots and imperfections. Formulated from a supercharged blend of novel anti-pigmentation actives at 14% concentration and 8 natural antioxidants sourced from the Swiss Alps, the Pigment Control Drops act throughout the hyperpigmentation process to prevent and progressively correct skin’s tone. Within weeks, skin texture becomes more even, spots and imperfections start to visibly fade, and complexion is durably brightened. Free from hydroquinone and arbutin. 


Its concentrated blend of 4 key anti-pigmentation actives, comprising an exclusive 14% hero complex, effectively targets and combats hyperpigmentation at every stage of its process:

  • Exclusive extracts of red algae oligosaccharide + 2% tranexamic acid - block new spots from appearing by inhibiting the activity of melanogenesis and regulating melanin production
  • 5% niacinamide - visibly equalises skin's complexion by blocking melanocyte transfer to the epidermis and protecting against the source of inflammatory imperfections
  • 3% of stabilised vitamin C -  helps visibly reduce the appearance of spots and diminish the potential damage from further external aggressions such as UV and pollution
  • 8 natural antioxidant plant extracts, OX8 - sustainably sourced from the higher Swiss Alpine landscape - fortify the skin from within, visibly improve texture and gradually equalise the skin’s complexion

2 Protocols
1. Intensive "corrective" treatment protocol: apply 5 drops as 'pre-serum' on clean skin. Wait until full penetration before applying the Booster Serum.
2. Progressive "preventative" treatment:  add 5 drops to your Booster Serum.

5 Application Zones
Face, eye contour, neck, décolleté, hands.
Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

All types of spots: sun-induced, post-inflammatory, age-related, acne-related. Suitable for all genders and all skin types.

Ensure consistent results by always protecting your skin with SPF 50+ sunscreen to prevent sun damage from interfering with your treatment. Stay consistent for optimal results!

 Swiss Clean Beauty: 100% results. 0% compromise. 
100% certified vegan + cruelty-free + swiss-made
0% parabens + mineral oil + sulfates + BHT and 2700 other ingredients

Pigment Control Drops

$129 USD With Swiss VAT



Aqua (water), Niacinamide (Vitamin B3, brightening), Propanediol (emollient), 1,2-Hexanediol (new generation preservative), Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (stabilised, concentrated vitamin C), Denat. Alcohol (natural preservative), Tranexamic Acid (brightening amino acid), Palmaria Palmata Extract (red Seaweed, brightening), Hydroxyacetophenone (antioxidant), Artemisia Umbelliformis Extract (alpine White Genepi), Achillea Millefolium Extract (alpine Yarrow), Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract (alpine Lady’s Mantle), Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract (Swiss-sourced antioxidant), Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract (alpine Lemon Balm), Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Extract, Primula Veris Extract (alpine Cowslip), Veronica Officinalis Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract (alpine Gypsyweed), Citric Acid (antioxidant), Glycerin (humectant), Xanthan Gum (naturally-derived thickener), Maltodextrin (plant-based softener), Ci 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), Ethylhexylglycerin (skin-softening emollient), Carbomer (viscosity control), Sodium Benzoate (anti-bacterial), Potassium Sorbate (anti-bacterial)

Quite possibly the best thing since botox. Life-changing.
My Verdict: Like I’ve had botox
award-winning skincare wonders
Impressive results
already the stuff of legend
one that works
Time machine
the results are extraordinary
a brilliant eye treatment that really works!
Dr. Levy’s eye for detail is legendary
Five of the best cosmeceuticals ever!

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