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Pollution Fighter Starter Kit Pollution Fighter Starter Kit

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Pollution is now considered the biggest skin threat by the scientific community, at least as much, if not more, than UV rays. Insiduous, invisible and present in multiple forms, it should be confronted on all sides. This unique cure helps protect your skin every day thanks to the proprietary, world-first full spectrum pollution screen: the Pollution Shield 5PF. It is proven to provide up to 86% protection against 5 key pollutions: particulate matter, atmospheric gases, chemicals, infrarays and blue light.

In this set, it is combined with your intensive Radical3 Reboot Pro Peel, to cleanse and purify the skin and kickstart skin's natural cellular renewal. A travel size of the hero Booster Serum is offered for deep, clinically-proven regeneration of your dermal stem cells, the ultimate source of skin's collagen. Finally, for your weekly dose of vitamins and hyaluronic acid, this starter set includes our R3 Cell Matrix Mask, called "the Wrinkle Eraser" by the press; in barely 20 minutes, skin will appear regenerated, restored and restructured.

  • Radical3 Reboot Pro Peel (50 ml)
  • R3  Cell Matrix Mask (50 ml)
  • Booster Serum (Travel size - 7 ml)
  • -New- Pollution Shield 5PF (30 ml)
  • First cleanse the skin with the Radical3 Reboot Pro Peel up to three times per week; for a softer exfoliation, apply on wet skin; for a more intensive peeling, apply on dry skin. For a medi-like experience, leave the peel up to 5 minutes before rinsing.
  • To deeply restore after the peel, apply the R3 Cell Matrix Mask three times per week; leave on for 20 minutes before removing.
  • Apply the Booster Serum for deep stem cell regeneration; one small pearl of 3mm is enough for the full face.
  • At the end of your skincare and sun protection routine, and before any makeup, apply one pressure of the proprietary Pollution Shield 5PF.

Pollution Fighter Starter Kit

260 CHF With Swiss VAT

Quite possibly the best thing since botox. Life-changing.
My Verdict: Like I’ve had botox
award-winning skincare wonders
Impressive results
already the stuff of legend
one that works
Time machine
the results are extraordinary
a brilliant eye treatment that really works!
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Five of the best cosmeceuticals ever!

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