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Embark on a transformative journey with Dr. LEVY Switzerland®'s Deep Renewal Cure with micro-needling!

This skincare set is your key to unlocking a new level of skin renewal, from your deepest stem cells to the uppermost layers of the skin. Start your winter cure with the 3DEEP Cleanser to purify skin and reveal its glow. You can then splurge with the award-winning Booster Serum, clinically proven to decrease wrinkle depth by up to -53% and fuel your stem cell revitalization.

Three times a week, you can add to your ritual the skin-transforming powers of the MicroSkin Roller and its 540 titanium needles that gently exfoliate skin and enhance our patented stem cell formula’s penetration.

You may also indulge further with a drop of the rich Booster Cream's voluptuous care for a hydrating experience that is intensely nourishing and yet surprisingly lightweight. Complete your ritual with our Pollution Shield Skincare Finisher, which provides comprehensive protection against all environmental aggressors. 

Unveil a fresher, brighter complexion that defies age as the Deep Renewal Cure guides you to a realm of transformed skin. 

Swiss Clean Beauty: 100% results. 0% compromise. 
100% vegan + cruelty-free + swiss-made
0% parabens + mineral oil + sulfates + BHT and 2700 other ingredients

  • 3DEEPTM Cleanser >>> FastMaskTM (Travel size 20ml)
  • Booster Serum (Full size 30ml)
  • MicroSkin Roller (540 high-precision titanium microneedles)
  • Enriched Booster Cream (Mini deluxe 5ml)
  • Pollution Shield Skincare Finishier (Full size 30ml)


  1. Skin cleansing : cleanse the skin with the 3Deep Cleanser on wet skin.
  2. First activation: apply one pearl of Booster Serum over the face and any target area. Wait 60 seconds before proceeding
  3. MicroSkin Roller cleansing: desinfect your MicroSkin Roller before use ; you can for instance soak the roller in alcohol (between 75° and 90°) for 5 to 7 minutes. 
  4. Star-shaped application : roll the MicroSkin Roller on the face and any target zone; press slightly on the skin and roll, on each zone, first horizontally (2-3 times), then repeat with a vertical movement (2-3 times), and finally diagonally (2-3 times).  Lift the roller in between each change of direction. Make sure whatever pressure you apply is comfortable. For areas that are more difficult to reach, you can gently spread the skin with your fingers while you roll.
  5. Second activation: apply the Enriched Booster Cream in any target zones to nourish and replenish.
  6. Protect: apply the Pollution Shield Skincare Finisher for a comprehensive anti-pollution protection and a matt finish.


Deep Renewal cure with microneedling

$350 USD With Swiss VAT

Quite possibly the best thing since botox. Life-changing.
My Verdict: Like I’ve had botox
award-winning skincare wonders
Impressive results
already the stuff of legend
one that works
Time machine
the results are extraordinary
a brilliant eye treatment that really works!
Dr. Levy’s eye for detail is legendary
Five of the best cosmeceuticals ever!

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